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Downstream GMP

Recovery suites support a wide range of protein recovery operations. Initial recovery suite is equipped with high pressure homogenization and inclusion bodies washing/recovery equipment. Buffer preparation and purification suites (Class C) are equipped with steel tanks and bins for single use disposable bags, filtration systems, chromatography systems and columns. There is ability to perform DSP processes at room and cold +(2-8°C) temperatures.

  • Homogenizer (Microfluidics)
  • Centrifuge (Carr Centritech)
  • Chromatography skids (Merck-Millipore)
  • Stainless steel tanks (KeyPlants)
  • Stainless steel (single use) bins (Merck-Millipore)
  • TFF system up to 5 sq. m (MMS/Merck-Millipore)